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Presentations and Keynote Addresses

Ned Tillman presents dozens of talks each year to help local organizations learn more about how to save the places they love. Topics include:

  • The Climate is Changing: What do we do now?
  • Saving the Places We Love
  • The Chesapeake: Past, Present, and Future
  • Rain, Rivers, and Watersheds
  • Keys to a Sustainable Future
  • The Future of Energy

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Interpretive Walks

Ned Tillman leads groups on walks where he discusses history, nature, and environmental challenges.

  • Federal Hill – Past, present, and future of Baltimore
  • Ellicott City – Rivers, Rocks, and Railroads
  • The Lakes of Columbia and Howard County
  • The Patapsco, Patuxent, and Potomac Rivers

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What people are saying about Ned Tillman’s talks and walks

“I have been re-inspired by a great speech … The man … speaks from the heart.” John Gresham, National Interpreters Association

“Your presentation really inspired our organization.” Nancy McAlister, Master Naturalists

“Your … style of teaching is the model of engagement. I learn so much every time I hear you speak.” Audrey Suhr, Howard County Conservancy

 “You speak to the heart of the problems and offer practical solutions.” Roger Sears, President of The Izaak Walton Conservation League of America

“Your inspiring books can only be matched by your personal interaction and              connection with the audience.  You took us to the places you love and inspire you, but at the same time connected us to the natural world in our backyard.  I especially enjoyed the connection to other enviromental writers.  I found myself smiling and nodding in agreement.” JoAnn Roberts, Maryland State Department of Education

“I REALLY enjoyed your talk!  It was very inspiring, yet reassuring.  I like the way you told the environmental success stories of old– they illustrate that one person CAN make a huge difference, yet also describe how long that can take.  Two really important points. I also liked the way you pointed out that many of the things we take for granted now were the results of a lot of passionate people slogging along and probably feeling like they were getting nowhere.” Sara Via, Professor of Ecology at University of Maryland, College Park.


Selected Keynotes

  • Annual Convention of the National Association for Interpretation
  • Annual Convention of the Izaak Walton League
  • Annual Meeting of the Master Naturalists
  • Annual Meeting of the Mountain Club of Maryland
  • Bates Lecture at Washington and Lee College
  • Sustainability Program Opening at Franklin and Marshall College
  • Annual Crab Feast of the Cornell University Alumni Council
  • Star Island Conference on Rejuvenating America
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Annual Retreat
  • Friends of Leakin Park and Gwynn Falls Annual Meeting
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