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ECO – Scavenger Hunt

For School or Neighborhood 

Complete as many as you can in the time allotted. Only one score per item. (Optional: Document with address, photos, GPS locations, or map of streets and bldgs. Send in your best images. Selected ones will be posted on

# Object Location Points Score
A Water      
  Stormwater drain   10  
  Stormwater pond   20  
  Stormwater culvert   10  
  Stream with undercut bank   20  
  Polluted stream or lake   10  
  Rain garden   30  
B Energy      
  Power line   10  
  Transformer   10  
  Photovoltaic installation   20  
  Solar hot water system   20  
  Electric vehicle charging site   30  
  Oil or gas tanks   10  
C Waste Management      
  Compost pile or system   20  
  Mulch   10  
  Recycling Bin   20  
  Dog waste collection station   10  
  Trash in the environment   10  
  Dual flush toilets   20  
D Energy Efficiency      
  CFLs or LEDs   20  
  Sensor controlled light switch   10  
  Insulation   20  
  Thermal blinds   10  
  Programmable thermostat   20  
  Hybrid or Electric car   30  
E Habitats      
  Forest   20  
  Meadow   20  
  Stream buffer   20  
  Wetland   20  
  Estuary   20  
  Lacustrine   20  


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