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Actions You Can Take Now

Things to do at home

  1. Energy audit
  2. Insulate attic
  3. Upgrade appliances and HVAC
  4. Install and monitor programmable thermostat
  5. Buy less and waste less
  6. Compost food and lawn waste
  7. Convert lawns to meadows, shrubs and woods
  8. Install rain gardens

Things to do at your school

  1. Lights Out! campaign
  2. Save On Energy – Train Students to create Home Energy Audit Teams
  3. Zero-waste campaign
  4. Install and maintain Rain Gardens with native plants
  5. Become a Green School

Steps toward Environmental Advocacy

  1. Realize that action is necessary
  2. Understand the major threats
  3. Identify the players
  4. Understand all the perspectives
  5. Create a campaign
  6. Select a goal
  7. Build the coalition
  8. Select the tactics
  9. Persevere
  10. Help others

Find a longer discussion of these steps at


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