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Ten Steps for a Cooler Climate


Start with these ten steps – from The Big Melt.

  1. Reduce energy usage: insulate, drive less, use hybrids & electric vehicles, unplug
  2. Switch electricity supplier to 100% solar or wind
  3. Buy sustainable products to incentivize businesses to make more of them
  4. Plant native trees and shrubs to clean our air & water and cool things down
  5. Support local and national environmental non-profits
  6. Reduce meat consumption and food waste
  7. Encourage businesses and governments to support solar and wind energy development
  8. Encourage energy-efficiency upgrades in all buildings and vehicles
  9. Support the expansion of interconnected green infrastructure networks
  10. Implement a national “carbon cap and dividend” policy or a “carbon tax” to pay for the real and hidden costs to society of using dirty fuels

For more ideas see Drawdown by Paul Hawkens.


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