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photoIn conjunction with the release of, Saving the Place We Love, I launched a campaign to help all of us learn how to save the places we care deeply about. This is important because none of us have the bandwidth to save the whole planet, but each of us has our own favorite places – rivers, beaches, lakes, and mountains – and they all need our help. So, please, help build this community by offering your stories, tools, and contacts so each of us can take action to save our corners of the world.

This blog will be a key element in the campaign. Through it, we will tell the stories of the challenges to the places we visit and the actions people are taking to save them. The new book is also a great primer on what you can do. There are examples from all across the country on how some of our favorite places were saved and the ongoing challenges they face as our population grows.

So send in your stories. For example, where did you go this summer? Who in the past worked hard to create and maintain your special places? What can you do to ensure their existence in the future for you and your children to visit? Also tell us how we can help you restore and maintain your special spot. We need to help each other.

Conservancy Photos1007 006Each guest post should not be more than 300 words. Describe why the place is special. Then share the threats it faces and what you are trying to do to preserve it. Please include a photo of the place.

It would also help build this community if you offered suggestions on other posts. We need your ideas. Let’s form a community of people who can help one another restore our planet.

This website also offers other resources. Feel free to add content to share with others. Check out our Pinterest and Twitter feeds. The more we connect, the greater the impact. Thank you for caring and thank you for all you do to save the wonders of our planet for future generations.

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