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Saving the Places We Love: Paths Toward Environmental Stewardship


  • Book Connection Book of the Year 2016-2017 – selected by the Howard Community College, the Howard  County Library System, and the Howard County Poetry and Literary Society.


Ned Tillman shares his love of nature through stories of his personal adventures all across America. It offers a look at what it takes to restore and protect many of iconic places that we often take for granted. He uses these stories to engage readers in the search for solutions – from cleaning up a river to climate change.

Saving the Places we Love weaves engaging and eye-opening, first-person accounts with science, history, and evidence-based arguments for taking action. Ned suggests ways each of us can help meet the environmental and societal challenges of the 21st Century.

This inspiring book engages the reader by discussing the impacts on many on our most significant natural wonders (Denali, the Rockies, Death Valley, the Great Plains, the Appalachians, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Mississippi River). It provides insights on how these places have been created and saved in the past and what is needed today to save them for future generations.

Saving the Places we Love addresses the major environmental challenges of our time using. Topics discussed include: mountaintop mining, fracking, groundwater, the future of agriculture and aquaculture, habitat loss, population growth, waste disposal, the use of fossil fuels, and, of course, the challenge of the century – climate change.


OrderNowThe Chesapeake Watershed: A Sense of Place and a Call to Action


  • Winner of the Excellence in Journalism Award chosen by the Renewable Natural Resource Foundation
  • Winner of the Best Book on Environmental and Natural Resources selected by The American Society for Public Administration
  • Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association
  • Widely used in Master Naturalist programs


In this book, Ned entertains, informs, and inspires readers with stories of the rich history of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. A life-long resident and a keen observer, he has witnessed many changes to the land, waters, wildlife, and the people living in this region. He shares ideas on how each of us can help restore the bay to the national treasure it once was.

If you have never crabbed, fished, or kayaked, this book will inspire you to go out and do it. If you grew up on the Bay, reading these stories will bring back many good memories. The book will inspire anyone who cares about the great outdoors.

 Meet the author in this short video interview:



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