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The National Trail System

(Excerpt from Saving the Places We Love)

Maine Geo Hike 1107 023Can you imagine exploring a mountainous region without a good trail system? it would take far longer to find your way through the mountains or to find the tallest peak. You might even wander around lost for weeks trying to find your way in and out. Fortunately, today there is a great system of trails throughout the country and, in many cases, good apps for finding your way.

For the most part, these trails are well marked and maintained largely by volunteers. For example, the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail is maintained by 6,000 volunteers in small clubs all along the way from Georgia to Maine ( This is true for many of the trails that crisscross our country. Thanks to all of you who help maintain these trails. (more…)

Saving Lake Elkhorn – A guest post by Elaine Pardoe

IMG_1113Columbia, Maryland – My favorite place is the lake that greets my eyes every morning as I get out of bed. Yes, I am lucky enough to live on Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland.

Eight years ago I got tired of seeing the lake path mowed while little else was done to restore and protect the lake itself. Over the years it had silted in and was clogged with grasses fed from the fertilizer washing off our lawns. On walks around the lake I found that other people shared my concern, so one evening eight people gathered around our dining room table and formed a group we called CLEER, the Committee for Lake Elkhorn’s Environmental Restoration. (more…)