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Chesapeake Bay – A Fine Balance

imagesCRS699R1The Bay, as we call it here in the Mid-Atlantic States, is a major destination for boating, fishing, and a wide array of water sports. It was once one of the most prolific estuaries in the world and produced large numbers of oysters, clams, shad, striped bass, and blue crabs. In fact, back around 1900 more oyster meat was consumed per capita in Baltimore than beef. But over the years the human population has grown dramatically, and we have over-fished and over-dumped our wastes into this extensive but now endangered wonder.

I grew up on these waters and want to do what I can to restore them. I have learned that the biggest challenge today is the runoff of silt, nitrogen, and phosphorus from our backyards, our farms, and our development sites. (more…)

Where Did You Go This Summer?

Ned Tillman - Fukushima debrisI spent a few days on Point Reyes and the Inverness Peninsula in California this summer. We hiked over 20 miles up and over this large piece of granite that is sliding out to sea along the San Andreas Fault. We enjoyed walking and swimming in the Pacific – brief dips in the cold water – and were also refreshed by the cool winds and mists. It is a beautiful coastline.

At one of the trailheads, I was surprised to read a warning about potentially hazardous debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami. In my new book I have written about the trash accumulations in the oceanic gyres but had not seen prior examples of trash traveling 8000 miles from Japan all the way to North America. My interest was piqued. (more…)