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Saving the Places Campaign Announced

Columbia, Maryland – The Restoration Conservancy is pleased to announce the launching of a new campaign and an online service to help everyone find the tools to restore, preserve, and enhance the places they love. The new website goes live on September 3, 2014.

The site debuts in conjunction with the release of a new book by award-winning author and activist Ned Tillman. Saving the Places We Love: Paths to Environmental Stewardship is Tillman’s second book in which he shares his love of nature and engaging personal interest stories and offers practical steps that we can all take to save the places we hold dear. In this new book his stories are about some of our greatest national treasures and the challenges they face.

The website is much more than a place to find his books. It also contains lists of steps that you can take and links to the major resources around the country that you can use in your efforts to preserve vital parts of our natural world.

Key to the site is an on-going blog that celebrates some of the most iconic sites across the country and presents the story on how they were initially preserved. Current threats to these locations will be described together with suggestions on what each of us can do to help preserve them. Readers are invited to submit their own stories and to seek help from others. The intent of the site is to create a community that can call attention to areas that need our help and to support one another in our efforts to do so.

To visit the site go to The site is also supported by Pinterest bulletin boards. Ned Tillman, the creative force behind the campaign, is also supporting the site with a series of talks and walks throughout the year.

For more information contact us via or by phone at 443-472-3681.


Click here to download a pdf of this press release.

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