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Today’s Biggest Polluters

PogoMany of us think that pollution comes from big industry and manufacturing. This may have been true once, but over the past several decades many industries have cleaned up their operations or moved them overseas. Today much of the contamination in our neighborhoods comes from the wastes generated from everyday activities. Here are the main sources of pollution in our environment and ideas on (more…)

How We Saved the Earth

old codgersIt is the year 2050. Several old codgers are sitting around a levitating table in a beautiful garden. Hummingbirds zip back and forth and the air is full of bird songs. The table glides from person to person providing food and drink whenever they want it.

One youthful looking centenarian proudly comments on the news of the day. A leading international news agency just released a report on how their generation has been feted as (more…)

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