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National Parks Revisited on Their 100th Anniversary

Denali National Park, AlaskaThis is the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service. What a wonderful bipartisan step that was to institutionalize a process for creating and maintaining national parks throughout the country. They are enjoyed each year by millions of domestic and international visitors. We have been emulated by nearly every other country on earth.

In my second book, Saving the Places we Love, I provide numerous stories on the (more…)

Interview with the National Conservation Training Center

NFWSMark Madison, historian with the NCTC interviewed me about my new book Saving the Places We Love. He wanted to find out more about my background, why I wrote the book, and about the online community that I manage to help others save the places they love, The video will be aired at national parks across the country.

The full video can be found on YouTube.


Take-a-way: This is a good opportunity to learn much more about the book and the campaign, and about the challenges facing our country.

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