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NedWelcome to our online community created to help you save our goldilocks climate and the places you love. Our focus this year is on what you can do about our changing climate since it impacts everything we do. Please see my list of the Top Ten Action For a Cooler Climate. Also please read and share my new book, The Big Meltwhich is all about Coming of Age in a time of Changing Climate and how each of us has an important role to play.

I am happy to alert you about two video series we are doing this winter. The first is a series of videos highlighting questions and answers from an interview I did with Sophia D’Alonzo, a senior at Centennial High School. I hope you will find them of interest no matter what your age. The second series was done with Fin Stein, a Junior videographer at Wilde Lake High School. This series emphasizes issues where there are actions you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You may want to share these with your friends.

Please sign-up to receive blogposts by scrolling down to bottom of lower right column on the Home page.  Like us on Facebook and share the posts with friends. Check out other tabs, e.g., Books, Events, and Resources. We welcome your guest posts and all ideas that might help others.

You can contact me if I can be of help or if you would like a speaker at your next event.

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