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Lake Elkhorn’s Past, Present, and Future – Join me for a Walk on Thursday Aug 20th

10 Steps To Save The Place You Love

  • Realizing that Action is Necessary
  • Understanding the Major Threats
  • Identifying the Players
  • Understanding all the Perspectives
  • Creating a Campaign
  • Selecting a Goal
  • Building the Coalition
  • Selecting the Tactics
  • Perseverance
  • Helping Others

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Lake Elkhorn is my favorite lake to walk around. I have done it 3000 times. I have written about it in both of my books and on previous blogs. It has so much to offer and there is so much to see. I invite you to come take a walk with me this Thursday at 10 am to discover the past, the present, and discuss what the future might be like on the shores of this wonderful man-made lake in the middle of Columbia.

Just 50 years ago this lake and the surrounding area were dry lands used for pasturing dairy cows and croplands. Two large farms were owned by the Dasher Brothers. Rouse built his third and largest lake here which is now home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, plants, and insects. It has become a key hub in the extensive hub and corridor system that connects most of Howard County’s open spaces and forests. Every year birds visit from the boreal forests of Canada and the tropics of Mexico and the Caribbean.

lake elkhorn damIt is also a favorite habitat of our own species who come to fish, walk, run, bike, socialize, relax, commune with nature, and just to put perspective into their lives. These visitors come from all parts of Howard County and all parts of the world. They leave refreshed, healthier, more creative, and more productive as a result of their walk in the woods and around the lake.

Come join me on August 20 at 10 am to explore Lake Elkhorn and to learn more about the past, the present and the future of this part of Columbia. This is the first of 5 hikes this fall sponsored by the Columbia Association. Meet me at the docks across the street from McDonalds (part of the Owen Brown Village Center). I promise to engage you and to inspire you to make Lake Elkhorn one of your favorite places as well.

Registration is not required but is encouraged by emailing or calling CA’s Open Space Management Division at 410-312-6330.


Take-a-way: We have been given a great gift in Lake Elkhorn. It is our turn to enjoy it and to learn how best to preserve it. Bring a friend.


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