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Why Support Land Trusts, Parks, Natural Places, and Open Spaces

philanthropyWhy should we support land trusts, parks, natural places, and open spaces? There are so many good causes that we often lose track of the importance of these organizations to our present and future health. Just consider for a moment that:


  • To save life as we know it, we must save the oceans.
  • To save the oceans, we must save the bays.
  • To save the bays, we must save the rivers.
  • To save the rivers, we must save the streams.
  • To save the streams, we must save the meadows, woods, lakes, and buffers.
  • To save these places, we must start with our own backyards.
  • To save our backyards, we must understand the impacts of our actions.
  • And while saving our natural places, we might just save ourselves.

Please consider supporting with your time and money the parks, land trusts, and other non-profits that do so much to preserve our lifelines – the natural systems of the planet. Give memberships to members of your family and honor your mentors, friends, and ancestors with gifts in their names.

Take-a-way: Let’s all adopt a place that we love and do what we can to restore and maintain it. Here are a few worthy groups you can click on to help or pick one local/important to you.

howard county conservancy






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