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Educated by Tara Westover

Educated by Tara Westover
I was quite blown away by this book. I was totally engaged when reading this book but found it hard to sleep after reading a chapter or two. My mind kept spinning, trying to image the hardships some people go through in growing up and developing as their own person. I too grew up as a free-range kid, but had none of the challenges that the author faced.
I do recommend it but don’t rush through it, It takes time to process. Extremely valuable to me. I appreciate that she has written about these very personal, family challenges and strongly recommend it to others.


  1. Jill Christianson says:

    Hi Ned,

    I agree, the book is totally unsettling and very real. I’ll catch up with you sometime for a conversation on this!
    As I read it, it brought to mind the distortion of mental illness and how can impact whole families. It is also a powerful story of resilience.


  2. southklett says:

    While Tara’s experience may be an extreme example, how many other children are betrayed by their parents? Yes, the parents do what they believe (however disturbed) is right according to their beliefs, but at what cost to society?


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