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Tuesdays with Tillman

knees to head - roughClimate Action

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be posting a series of personal blogs, videos, and polling questions. They are designed to share some of the things that I do and that you can do to help us all deal better with the climate challenges we all will be facing for the rest of our lives. The sooner we take action the less our children will suffer.

Tuesdays with Tillman will be a series of blogs about what we can do as individuals, at home, at work, and on a state and national level to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. In my book, The Big Melt, one of the main characters created a list called “Ten Steps for a Cooler Climate”.  It is a good list, but I have modified it a little and added links to help you take action. Thanks to Ken Crandell for some of the links and images.

Many of these ideas are micro steps – but they are important and I will discuss them along with some major macro steps that are also needed to slow down our changing climate. If you want a more comprehensive list get the book Drawdown by Paul Hawken.  If you don’t like my list, put together your own list and be sure to share it with me and your friends. We need each other to accomplish meaningful progress.

I hope you will be part of this journey and help to spread the word by Sharing what you like with your friends. Be sure to Like our page on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to ensure you get these videos, blogs and posts. Thanks for all that you do already.

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