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Can Americans Agree to Cut Their Fossil Fuel Use?

There are so many reasons to cut our use and abuse of fossil fuels. 
So why not set personal and national goals for 5% to 20% less use of fossil fuels – and start today.

I can do that. Can you? Please send me your thoughts and your goals.

Reasons for reducing fossil fuel use:

  1. National Security
  2. Support for Ukrainians 
  3. Freedom
  4. Democracy
  5. Save money
  6. Buy local – plenty of domestic clean energy options
  7. Get off the grid
  8. Fewer spills into the ocean, waterways, and our soils
  9. Fewer methane leaks and explosions
  10. Reduce thousands of premature deaths due to fossil fuel emissions
  11. Reduce asthma attacks
  12. Clean the air, water, and land
  13. Slow down the warming of the climate
  14. Reduce waste generation from drilling, transportation, and plastics

You could cut your fossil fuel use by 5% to 20% starting today. Don’t procrastinate.

  1. Try driving less and walking or biking more – good for you too
  2. Lower your thermostat – where a sweater
  3. Insulate your attic
  4. Open windows in spring, summer, and fall
  5. Insulate your windows in winter
  6. Buy less and enjoy life more
  7. Use fewer plastics and throw away less

Whatever your reason (or reasons) – pick a goal now. We need everyone’s support.

I pledge to do #s__. ,_. _,_. _,_. or all of the above, and will try to lower my usage of fossil fuels by 


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