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Take These Courses for Fun, Inspiration, and Impact

globe and peopleThere are several wonderful programs and short courses you can take to get more involved in your community and in saving and restoring our local and global environments. I encourage you to sign up now and take at least one of these. Everyone I know raves about how much they have learned and how they were inspired to get more involved in their backyards and in their communities. Please pass this notice on to others who may also (more…)

Empowering People to Save Their Places – A guest post by Tracey Manning

nature walk­When I was growing up in Albany, NY, the undeveloped “lot” down the street was a magical place to neighborhood children. Its trees and bushes, paths and rocks provided the backdrop for endless games of knights and ladies, cowboys and Indians, hide and seek, and much more. (Revisiting it as an adult, I was amazed to discover that our playground occupied less than half an acre, or two house lots.)

Many, if not most, adults have such memories of special places and want (more…)

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