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Take These Courses for Fun, Inspiration, and Impact

globe and peopleThere are several wonderful programs and short courses you can take to get more involved in your community and in saving and restoring our local and global environments. I encourage you to sign up now and take at least one of these. Everyone I know raves about how much they have learned and how they were inspired to get more involved in their backyards and in their communities. Please pass this notice on to others who may also be interested. These courses are not just offered in my community. You probably can find similar ones wherever you live.

Watershed Stewards Academy – This wonderful program brings you into contact with many local experts and interesting projects where you can meet other dedicated people and accomplish a lot. It will be focused on the watershed where you live, the challenges it faces, and what you can do about it. Act now – applications for the Fall 2015 program due Sept 4 so call:

Hollie 2011 classMaster Naturalist Training – These courses are offered throughout Maryland and in many other states. It is a great program for learning more about the flora and fauna native to your part of the world. Courses are offered throughout the year. Find out when the next one will be hosted in your county at:

Legacy Leadership Environmental Institute – This program offers a global and local perspective on our environment and will teach you a great deal about how to get more active in your community. You will learn how to have a greater impact in your own backyard, in the county, and throughout the state. the program usually runs from Jan to April.

Take-a-way: Sign up now. You will be amazed at how much you will learn.

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