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Signs You Can Use To Restore Your Special Places

when you fertilize your lawnMost signs are ignored. Their messages are obvious or they are not of interest to us. However, recently I was walking along the docks in Portland, Maine and my attention was captured by a series of signs about human’s everyday impact on the water quality in Casco Bay. The signs were attractive and provocative. They captured my interest, and more importantly they captured my wife’s interest. We stopped and read them all the way through!!

We wondered why we did not see more signs like this around the lakes where we lived. They could have the very same message – we certainly have the same problems: overuse of fertilizer, pet wastes, exhaust and oil leaks from cars, the dumping of grease, etc. down drains, and stormwater run-off. All things that more of us need to understand and many actions that most of us would willingly take if we realized the negative impacts our daily activities have on local water quality. Basically, all that would have to be changed on these signs would be the place names.

For several good examples of these signs, go to my Pinterest board: I encourage you to forward these signs to people in your local government or Home Owner Association who might want to use them. I am sure the sign makers in Maine would be happy to share their ideas.


Take-a-way: There are many simple steps each of us could take to dramatically improve our water quality, and the health of our streams, lakes, bays and oceans.  The challenge is that we all have to take these steps and change our daily behaviors.  So lets get the word out!

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