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Upcoming Events – Life on a Book Tour


I do have a normal life. I play racquetball, take care of my grandchildren about once a week, actively participate with The Horizon Foundation and the Maryland Academy of Sciences, and help other organizations when they ask. Then all of a sudden you drop a book tour on top of that and you get chaos. It’s challenging just trying to keep it all straight. I feel like I need a manager!

But it’s all important.  It is what it takes to get a book launched – although I think The Big Melt sells itself. But most people haven’t heard about it yet, so that’s my job – to spread the word.

And that is easier to do with this work of fiction than it was with the two non-fiction books I have written. Most of us are very concerned today and interested in what we can do as our climate continues to change. The book helps all of us, no matter our age, to address that question.

But it still takes a lot of time to reach out. Just take a look at my November calendar below. I will be busy. If anything interests you come join me if you like. The events below with start times are open to the public.



Ned’s November 2018 Schedule – so far!

  • November 1 – Watermark Presentation on Climate Change
  • November 2 – Friendship Baptist Church High School
  • November 3 – Explore Columbia on Foot – Downtown Lakefront at 10am
  • November 4 – Forum on Climate Change at Owen Brown Interfaith Center
  • November 6 – Vote
  • November 7 – Presentation at Poly High School in Baltimore City
  • November 8 – Explore Columbia on Foot – Amherst House at 10 am
  • November 8 – Hammond High School discussion with students and teachers
  • November 9 – Evening of Storytelling at HoCo Conservancy at Mt Pleasant 7-9pm
  • November 10 – Storytelling Workshop at Belmont Conf Center from 9 to 1 RSVP
  • November 16 – Featured Speaker at the NSTA Annual Mtg at National Harbor
  • November 17 – Barnes and Noble in Columbia Mall – Book Signing from 11 to 4  T.        (This is a good time to get a personally signed copy of The Big Melt.)

Let me know if you would like me to come to speak to your group, class, business, book club, etc. These are the titles of my normal talks:

  • The Big Melt – Coming of Age in a Time of Changing Climates
  • Can Fiction Save the Earth (or at least the climate)?
  • The Chesapeake: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Keys to a Sustainable Future

Enjoy your November and be sure to get outside while the trees hold their color.



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