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A Request for Reviews

I’m learning about Amazon’s algorithms. I now know my books would get wider exposure if they had more Ratings on their Amazon book pages. For example, The Big Melt has been well received by the critics and students, young adults, teachers, and book clubs, but most people have not heard about it. And it has been a finalist in two book awards – I just need to bump up my marketing game a notch or two so more people check it out.

With that in mind, would you do me a big favor and take a few moments and help me inspire more people to care about the environment and the climate? If you have read The Big Melt (or one of my other books), would you please RATE (+/- provide a REVIEW) one of my book(s) on Amazon. It’s easy – just click below on one of the book titles, click sign in and the review page is right there. Once its open, all you need to do is click on one of the STAR ratings.

The Big Melt

The Chesapeake Watershed

Saving the Places we Love

Thank you so much… and if you haven’t read them all, they might be good for Spring Break or Summer reading. Enjoy and thank you again. It takes a village!

Let me know if you have any questions –

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