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The Daily Behavior Change Challenge

Using portable computer on Refrigerator in Interet Wired Kitchen

Put this on your refrigerator!!!  All great changes require many small steps. We here at have created a simple, daily calendar of actions that you can take to help improve your health, the health of your neighborhood, and the health of the planet. These goals are achievable if we are deliberate in our commitment for a more sustainable and healthy world. Please pass this Behavior Change Model on by (more…)

Monarchs and Mojitos

monarchLast night I, and 140 of my closest friends, spent the evening at the Howard County Conservancy’s Monarchs and Mojitos event. Mark Raup and Paula Shrewsbury, both professors in the entomology department at the University of Maryland, were our hosts for the evening. We heard a great deal of interesting aspects about the life of a Monarch butterfly and the challenges this beautiful species faces. Monarchs are threatened with extinction (more…)

Take These Courses for Fun, Inspiration, and Impact

globe and peopleThere are several wonderful programs and short courses you can take to get more involved in your community and in saving and restoring our local and global environments. I encourage you to sign up now and take at least one of these. Everyone I know raves about how much they have learned and how they were inspired to get more involved in their backyards and in their communities. Please pass this notice on to others who may also (more…)

Why I Lead Walks

10750456_846729972034157_2158244128098822421_oI love walking through the woods, along streams, and around lakes because there is so much to see and discover. There are eagles, osprey, beaver, turtles, and a host of herons. There are old foundations, overgrown driveways, and ancient trees. I feel like an explorer finding new bits of (more…)

Return of the Thrush (supporting the arts)

wood thrushI always note with a great deal of pleasure each spring when I hear the first flute like calls of the wood thrush. His return in May is like an old friend showing up with a big smile. He calls from the tallest trees early and late in the day and when the clouds cover the sun. He slows down my pace and makes me turn toward the canopy and smile.

This year at about the same time as the return of (more…)

Ned’s Top Ten Radical Environmental Acts

raised fistsradical_1280These ten radical steps will greatly improve your life. They will directly improve your health, stamina, productivity, creativity, and financial well-being. They are also  important for the future health of our communities and the planet. Best of all, you can take these steps without being thrown in jail. I consider them to be radical acts because they are not the norm. Most people have not taken the time to think through the negative impacts of their daily actions or develop the discipline to reduce their impacts. It is important that we all take (more…)

Saving the Future – Howard County’s Central Park

CrescentOur online community is not only focused on restoring and maintaining the wonderful streams, forests, lakes and mountains that were preserved for us by previous generations. We are also focused on opportunities for creating new special places or redefining ones as they change with the growth of our population. Urban and suburban redevelopment will provide us with these opportunities. All of us who desire (more…)

Today’s Biggest Polluters

PogoMany of us think that pollution comes from big industry and manufacturing. This may have been true once, but over the past several decades many industries have cleaned up their operations or moved them overseas. Today much of the contamination in our neighborhoods comes from the wastes generated from everyday activities. Here are the main sources of pollution in our environment and ideas on (more…)

Threats To Our Trees

Adelges_tsugae_3225077They provide shade, purify the air, and support millions of delicate ecosystems – there’s no denying that trees are a vital part of the world we live in. When a problem strikes the forests that blanket North America, or even threatens a single tree, it’s important to identify it and mitigate it as quickly as possible to save nearby trees. If trees around your home or in a local forest aren’t as fresh and green as they should be, or you notice something looks a little off with tree growth, don’t wait to act or you could lose your trees. Here are some telltale signs you can keep an eye out for, which will help you narrow down the problem and solution: (more…)

Ten Tips on Taking Your Kids Camping

campfireThe goal of course is to get your kids outside. All the studies show that getting kids to enjoy and spend time outdoors is healthy for them, but where do you start if you have never camped before as a family? First of all start researching campgrounds nearby and get the whole family engaged in selecting a destination. There are so many places to go. Once you have picked a place to camp, here are a few other things to consider: (more…)